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 About Tradewinds Global

Tradewinds Global is an award-winning export management and marketing company located in Honolulu, Hawaii. We assist Hawaii and Mainland US companies in both establishing a foothold in Asian markets and in maximizing their overseas business. By providing innovative solutions with world-class account representation, web-based localized marketing and export consulting, Tradewinds Global connects its clientele with world markets in a common language. Tradewinds Global’s current area of focus is Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, China, and Singapore. Working with Tradewinds Global is a win-win for both the supplier and distributor. Suppliers benefit from our experience in exporting and international marketing, while importers / distributors benefit from a sales team dedicated solely to international sales and customer service. Our trade experience helps both the supplier and the importer, assisting both parties for the best possible business outcomes.

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