About M.O.S.A.I.C

MOSAIC is the name of our proprietary platform for managing the business export process. Exporting overseas is typically a lengthy and complicated process to manage, especially for new businesses looking to start doing so. Fortunately, we have designed our platform to streamline much of the process, and break it down into six simple steps.

MOSAIC stands for:
M – Multilingual
O – Optimization
S – System
A – Analysis
I – International
C – Connectivity


“When in Rome, do as the Romans do.” If you are doing business overseas, you must be able to do business in their language. This means translating everything from marketing collateral, advertisements, website content and product descriptions. For the first step, we will translate your business for you.


Essentially important in the internet age, your website and marketing of needs to be visible. This process is known as search engine optimization. However, many companies often do this only for English audiences and English search engine rankings. With Export Mosaic, we optimize websites for foreign language keyword search. foreign meta tags and more.


We have built an entire management system for Export Mosaic to enable clients to manage their global marketing effort. This includes not just front-end website management but also local interest and country-by-country analysis, so you may manage each market separately.


We can measure the metrics of your freshly-translated website for each market and country. This also includes all the standard analytics factors such as website hits, unique visitors, demographics, conversions, referrals, page rankings, trends in traffic and also popularity!

International – The name says it all. Export Mosaic is the platform to bring your business into the international arena. Armed with a well-translated, web-optimized and localized business, your business will be ready to expand globally.


Today’s world is increasingly about connectivity. It is crucial to stay connected; what are your customers saying about your products? The advent of Facebook and Twitter are testament to social media marketing’s influence. Fortunately, we have integrated social media into Export Mosaic as well, so you may broadcast your marketing campaign on Facebook in different languages and in different countries.