Website Translation

Export Mosaic knows what consumer companies need to do to go global. From startups to Fortune 500, the goals of increased sales, a broader customer base, and quality global branding standards are the desires of all companies who export or market internationally. If you are a single person business running a simple web shop or a multinational corporation looking for increased global market share, Export Mosaic knows global consumer branding.

We can help you prepare your website and other marketing materials to connect with your local market. We provide cost-effective solutions using a blend of translation technologies and professional bilingual and bicultural account managers, so you can focus on your core business in English and have a professional marketing foundation in overseas markets.

Building a Global Brand Strategy

Global web strategies are not only for the large multinational corporations. Anyone who is selling overseas or to a non-English speaking demographic needs to have a global web strategy. It is now very clear that the web is a global phenomenon and that the use of English is on the decrease.

There is more that goes into an international website than just translation. Machine translation will not service your brand when marketing your company, your products, your services, or other vital features of your business. Your core company value and message needs professional translation, editing, and review before publishing.

Other considerations include cultural aspects involving names, color, content, slang and layout. As an export management company, our emphasis is on relevance in a market. Your translation will be accurate and relevant for each market.

Adding functionality to the website like social media connectivity or e-commerce, should be introduced to facilitate the growth of a global brand.  Of course you are not alone. We support the strategy of having someone on the ground for all international business. You will have the support of a local partner, but you will have created a platform for your local partner to expand and succeed.