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Branding is the strategic creation of a product’s image in the prospective and current customers’ minds. It captures both their actual preconceptions of the product and their real life experiences with it. Proper branding will ideally translate to an image of exceptional quality, high reliability and an excellent price-to-value relationship.

Tradewinds Global works with its clients to uncover the essence of their brand and then translates that into a visual and verbal brand expression. We utilize a unified approach across all relevant marketing and advertising materials to most effectively reach your target audience. Both the content and quality of these materials directly influence the strength of your brand communication.

Tradewinds Global’s brand strategy and positioning services include the creation of the following:

- Brand Identity Logos (Visual and Verbal Elements)
- Business Cards
- Business Papers (Letterhead, Note Cards, Envelope, Labels)
- Brochure & Flyer
- Print Ads

We can design and print these materials for you in a single or multiple foreign languages depending on your targeted market.

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